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 Fish Food & Medications
Description: Choose the right fish food based on your fish's size.

Tips & Tricks: Keep frozen foods no longer than three months.


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Different fish have different nutritional requirements that's why Adam's stocks many brands and kinds of foods and supplements. 

Flake, Pellets...
Flakes, pellets and tablets remain the most common and well-balanced vitamin packed food for your fish.  You can also try wafers or granules.

Feed your fish one to two times per day and only enough for them to eat in five minute.  Excess food can hurt water quality.

Frozen Foods
There are many frozen foods available for freshwater and saltwater fish including krill, plankton, squid vegetable and meat based foods.

Freeze-Dried Foods
Another option is freeze dried foods.  While they can provide many needed nutrients we still recommend then as a supplement to flake foods.

Krill - Brine - Worms
Adam's stocks live, frozen and freeze-dried brine shrimp which provide a superior source of natural nutrients and protein for your fish.  We also have krill as well as black and tubifex worms.

Adam's stocks may medications and medicated foods to help your fish recover their health.  Just tell us what the problem is and we'll help you track down the solution.

Feeding Coral

Adam's stocks DT's Live Phytoplankton.  This live food provides direct and indirect feeding with a positive effect on water quality.

Phytoplankton are tiny floating marine organisms that are the basis of the ocean food chain.  Many coral reef animals eat plankton including clams, soft corals, stony coral, sponges and feather duster worms.

Oyster Eggs
Adam's stocks DT's Oyster Eggs.  This live food is a highly nutritious zooplankton replacement for coral.

Learn more about coral nutrition on DT's Website:  http://www.dtplankton.com

Grab Cyclop-eeze FreezerBar at Adam's too.  This all natural frozen bar of zooplankton feeds coral and critters a highly nutritious diet that promotes color, growth and overall health.  Just cut or break off a piece and toss in your tank. 

This food can also be used in freshwater tanks...learn more:  http://www.freezerbar.com

Copepods:  These small animals (pictured, right) are a very important food for fish, especially mandarins and predatory fish...learn more

Roti-Fest:  A food for reef carnivores.  Roti-Feast is packed with rotifers, very small animals, as well as eggs and Phyto-Feast --perfect food for hard coals, marine fish and seahorse larvae, mushrooms, anemones and other marine animals....learn more  

Phyto-Feast:  This marine micro algae concentrate is formulated specifically for feeding filter feeders, including clams, soft/hard corals, feather dusters, sponges, ascidians, other invertebrates.  It is the ONLY live algae concentrate that contains 100% of the nutrition needed by your animals - proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and essential fatty acids...learn more

Macro-Feast:  The best live feed for all of your herbivorous fishes like hard to feed Tangs, Moorish Idols and Angels.  Add Macro-Feast directly to your main tank or float it in your refugium as a biological filter to remove ammonia, nitrates and phosphates...learn more

Algae Magic is a new 100% organic product that enhances tank clarity by attacking algae blooms...now available at Adam's

  • Eliminates nuisance algae
  • Not harmful to fish, plants, coral
  • No copper sulfate
Liquid Life feeds reward you with fascinating color, faster growth rates and improved aquarium health...
Filter Feeders: Best Good N/A
Clams: Best Best N/A
Soft Corals: Good* Best Good 3
LPS Corals: Good* Good* Best
SPS Corals: Good* Best 1 Best 2
Fish: Good* Good* Best
* Continued usage creates a food web where zooplankton is consumed by fish and corals.

1. Best results for carnivorous corals with small capture polyps
2. Best results for carnivorous corals with large capture polyps
3. Particles may be too big for some specimens



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