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 Cleaning Products
Description: Regular cleaning and water changes keep the water and tank health for your fish.

--Also consider adding snails, crabs and other "natural" tank cleaners...learn more


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Adams stocks many products to help make cleaning your aquarium easier.

We carry a complete line of brushes, algae scrapers and pads as well as gravel vacuums. Also grab filters, carbon, bio wheels...


Set-up Cleaning
It is also important to clean your new aquarium prior to setup. Simply wipe the inside and outside with a water-dampened paper towel. Make sure that no cleaners, detergents or chemicals of any type are used whenever you are cleaning your aquarium.

Never use Windex or conventional glass cleaning products as it can add ammonia to your tank.  Glass cleaners with ammonia will discolor and cause "crazing" on acrylic aquariums.

Regular Maintenance
Tanks and filters must be cleaned regularly to maintain water quality.

  • Replace 15-20% of your tank's water monthly
  • Run water test monthly for pH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates...learn more
  • Saltwater tanks test maintain salinity of 1.022 to 1.024
  • Clean prefilters every two weeks, replace filters and carbon monthly
  • Clean tank decorations every couple weeks
  • Replace light bulbs every six months
  • Clean pumps and piping every couple months



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